Other Policy Reports and Resources

American RadioWorks: Some College, No Degree
Radio segment discussing why so many Americans drop out of college, and what to do about it.

Listen here (mp3)

California Legislative Analyst
Several policy background reports, including a Primer and a “Master Plan at 50″ series.

CCLC recommendations
Community College League of California report of the Commission on the Future

College Completion Tool Kit
The College Completion Toolkit provides information that governors and other state leaders can use to help colleges in their state increase their completion rates. It highlights key strategies and offers models to learn from, as well as other useful resources

Complete College America
What state policy makers can do to improve college attainment.

EDGE Campaign
Report from the California EDGE (Education, Diversity and Growth in the Economy) coalition

EdSource: Something’s Got to Give
Analysis of developmental course-taking patterns at California community colleges.

IHELP Reports
Reports and recommendations from the Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Policy (based at Sacramento State)

Making it Happen (2mb PDF file)
Increasing College Access and Participation in California Higher Education;
The Role of Private Postsecondary Providers

PolicyLink “Middle Skill Infrastructure” report and other resources.

PPIC Attainment Goal
The Public Policy Institute of California’s recommendation for statewide baccalaureate attainment goals.

UC Commission on the Future
Report and policy papers from the University of California’s Commission on the Future