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Beyond the headline: Opening up the dialogue about California Community Colleges

WAMO Cover

Read Lande’s blog post looking at Washington Monthly’s article about continuing management dysfunction at California’s community colleges which leaves no one accountable for decision making, and why fixing this dysfunction might not be enough.

Issues: Local Community College Governance

Diversity in the Health Care Professions

Read Lande’s blog post which describes how community colleges can play a key role in diversifying the country’s health care professions and raises the question of cost in relation to the for-profit sector’s rapidly growing health degree market.

Issues: More College Degrees

Lande Ajose speaks at California Wellness Foundation health professions conference

Lande Ajose was a plenary speaker at the California Wellness Foundation’s conference on increasing diversity in the health professions. Lande’s remarks focused on the low degree attainment rates for African American and Latino students, specifically within the health education pipeline, and the burgeoning for-profit health degree market. Additionally, Lande pointed out ways to improve California’s […]

Issues: More College Degrees