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Prize Money for California Colleges to Think Different(ly)

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California is putting up $50 million in prize money for creative ideas aimed at improving transfer and increasing bachelor degree attainment at the state’s public universities and community colleges. To prompt discussion of possible innovations and to encourage colleges to use this opportunity to think creatively, on Facebook and Twitter we will be sharing a wide variety of ideas.

Issues: More College Degrees

Innovation Prize Committee

Issues: More College Degrees

Update: Educating Julio and Unmet Need

Incentives for community colleges to reach out to the poor, and to serve them well. Our report, Educating Julio, explained how the community college system selects the students who will be served not only by which districts are allowed to grow their enrollment, but also by which courses and programs the colleges decide to offer, […]

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Contemplating College Affordability

Few question the critical role that college affordability plays in promoting or inhibiting college access and success. Whether a student’s college choice is affordable can make the difference between whether the student attends or not, and whether he or she completes. To try to make the concept of affordability more concrete, we have built a calculator that provides students with useful (even if not simple) information about the affordability of their college choices, incorporating as many factors as we could.

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Educating Julio: Identifying & Addressing Community Colleges' 'Unmet Need'

Educating Julio

Our report, Educating Julio, examines strategies for growing our community college enrollment and describes some of the dynamics of community college enrollment that underlie the debate about how “unmet need” should be defined, identified, and addressed.

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Lande Ajose testifies at Senate Education & Budget joint hearing on accountability in higher ed

Lande Ajose testimony

Dr. Ajose testified at a Senate Education and Budget joint hearing on accountability for postsecondary education performance which provided a framework for informing state budget and policy to meet public needs. She presented the breakdown of California’s degree attainment gap by race and region and spoke on these issues from a workforce perspective.

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Charles Hatcher discusses persistence and graduation rates for Pell grant recipients at UCs

In an effort to better understand persistence and graduation rates for Pell grant recipients, California Competes has partnered with the University of California’s Office of the President to analyze persistence and completion rates of the 37,461 freshmen who entered the UC system in the fall of 2006.

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Community College Participation

map preview

California Competes conducted an analysis of where students live and found that many areas of the state that could benefit – where few adults have college degrees – are not being reached. Participation is often low where it should be high. An interactive online map paints the picture, showing community college participation for 1700 zip code areas and allows users to examine community college enrollment by indicators of need.

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Assembly Higher Education Committee hearing on streamlining transfer in public higher education

Streamlining transfer in public higher education

Today Dr. Ajose testified at the Assembly Higher Education Committee’s hearing on streamlining transfer in public higher education. She discussed the need for more coordinated leadership in higher education, and previewed our upcoming analysis of how community college enrollment varies across the state.

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President Obama should use student feedback as part of college rating system

ACCT conference

Speaking at this week’s Association of Community Colleges Trustees conference in Seattle, Bob Shireman suggested that the federal government consider surveying students directly as part of its plan to provide consumers with better information about colleges…

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Bob Shireman speaks at Community College Business Officers' Annual International Conference

CCBO Presentation

Bob Shireman was the keynote speaker at the 2013 Community College Business Officers’ annual conference where he provided examples of how improving higher education takes more than slogans and quick fixes but instead requires digging into the policy details. He discussed our work on college enrollment by zip code across the state, the need for […]

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Our college grad map of California shows college degrees by zip code

Bay Area

Take a look at our college degree map of California which shows college attainment numbers across the state and breaks down attainment by zip code area. Based on recent census data, the map shows the proportion of the population 18 years old and above with an associate’s degree or higher.

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Diversity in the Health Care Professions

Read Lande’s blog post which describes how community colleges can play a key role in diversifying the country’s health care professions and raises the question of cost in relation to the for-profit sector’s rapidly growing health degree market.

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Bob Shireman speaks at National Journal event on “The New Knowledge Economy”

Bob Shireman was the keynote speaker at National Journal’s event on “The New Knowledge Economy”. Listen to his remarks on the future of higher education and why MOOCs and other online alternatives aren’t a panacea for increasing degree attainment.

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New Metrics for California Higher Education

Governor Brown’s proposed budget in 2013 included the idea of tying increases in funding for the two public four-year university systems to performance targets. Under his original plan, the University of California (UC), with its nine undergraduate campuses and 184,000 students, and the California State University (CSU), with its 23 campuses and 308,000 undergraduates…

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Governor Brown's Performance Targets for UC and CSU

Gov Brown Performance Targets

Governor Brown’s Department of Finance in April presented the first draft of performance targets for the state’s public four-year universities, tied to budget increases.

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Lande Ajose speaks at California Wellness Foundation health professions conference

Lande Ajose was a plenary speaker at the California Wellness Foundation’s conference on increasing diversity in the health professions. Lande’s remarks focused on the low degree attainment rates for African American and Latino students, specifically within the health education pipeline, and the burgeoning for-profit health degree market. Additionally, Lande pointed out ways to improve California’s […]

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CSAC responds to “The Road Ahead”

In a letter to California Competes, Executive Director Diana Fuentes-Michel of the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) mentioned that CSAC is aligned with many of the California Competes report’s core priorities but believes that some of the implementation, as proposed, is flawed.

Read CSAC’s full letter

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The Road Ahead:
Higher education, California's promise, and our future economy


California Competes is pleased to share with you our new report, The Road Ahead: Higher education, California’s promise, and our future economy

Download the Full Report (pdf)

Executive Summary (pdf)

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Press Release: California Competes calls for 2.3 million more completions by 2025

For Release: June 7, 2012 California Competes is pleased to share with you our Council’s report, The Road Ahead: Higher Education, California’s Promise, and Our Future Economy. Before reading the report, take a look at our Press Release

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Credential Crunch:
How to Regain California's Economic Standing


This brief lays out how California can get to its goal of 5.5 million additional graduates by 2025 while ensuring that degrees and certificates conferred are meaningful. Download Credential Crunch

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Campaign for College Opportunity new report demonstrates the economic payoff of investing in higher ed

The Campaign’s news report shows that for every $1 California invests in public higher education, the state will reap $4.50 from taxes on the increased earnings of college graduates and lower costs for providing other state safety net services and incarceration. That’s a net return of 450 percent! Check out the key findings Check out […]

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2025 California Goal Dashboard

California Student Flow Model - Interactive

Interactive California Student Flow Model (Flash) This interactive dashboard allows you to see how California’s production of college degrees changes with changes in the distribution of students by sector, improvements in graduation rates, and other factors.

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Bob Shireman Discusses California and U.S. Goals for Degree Attainment, 2012-2025

Shireman Fullerton Speech

February 22, 2012 CSU Fullerton held a symposium about the evolving future and rising costs of higher education. At this symposium, Bob Shireman discusses California’s need to reboot our expectations around higher education and argues for certain actionable policies to get our state back on track. See a transcript of his speech And watch the […]

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Bob Shireman pushes for quality at California Student Aid Commission public hearing

Shireman CSAC Testimony

February 23, 2012 The California Student Aid Commission held a public hearing on whether their grants should cover all colleges’ online degree programs. In Shireman’s testimony, he makes the case that the Commission should be concerned about quality at all types of colleges, not just in online programs. See his full tesimony here

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Lande Ajose discusses the “new normal” at a joint legislative hearing on higher education

February 1, 2012 At a time when California needs to make choices about its priorities, Lande points to some of the steps that must be taken to ensure that our institutions of higher education are improving their effectiveness. See her written public comment here See a video of her public comment here

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Little Hoover Commission Calls for Focus on Student Outcomes at Community Colleges

February 28, 2012 The Little Hoover Commission on Tuesday urged the Governor and the Legislature to refocus the mission of the community colleges to align policies and resources around fostering student achievement in three core areas: basic skills education, career technical education and preparation for transfer to four-year universities. The Commission also called for the […]

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Student Success Task Force Recommendations

The Student Success Task Force is examining best practices and effective models within higher education throughout the nation to improve educational achievements in California. Below is an overview and the full recommendations. California Community Colleges Student Success Task Force Draft Recommendations At A Glance (PDF) Student Success Task Force Draft Recommendations Overview (PDF) Read the […]

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Press Release: Business Executives and Mayors to Focus on California’s Economy and Lack of Skilled Grads

For release June 22, 2011 Contact: Remmert Dekker (415) 343-0830 To view the full press release, click here. To view a list of our council members, click here.

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Regional Jobs & Education Data


These presentations provide region-by-region information on adult educational attainment, earnings and growth by occupation and educational background, and the characteristics of the education pipeline.     All files are in powerpoint (.ppt) format. Bay Area Central Coast Central Sierra Inland Empire Los Angeles Northern California Orange County Sacramento Tahoe San Diego Imperial County San Joaquin […]

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