New Executive Director at California Competes

Things are busy here at California Competes! After five years of leading the charge to improve California’s higher education system, Executive Director Bob Shireman is leaving California Competes to become part of the education team at The Century Foundation. (See the announcement here).

“I’m proud of all we’ve been able to accomplish during my time here,” said Shireman. “We shaped the community college growth funding formula, elevated the need for greater statewide coordination of higher education, restored some state oversight of private institutions, and won public access to accreditation reports. I’m leaving behind a great team that will continue to push the state to find ways to improve higher education access and outcomes.”


Lande Ajose testifies at Senate Education & Budget joint hearing on accountability in higher ed

Lande Ajose testimony

Dr. Ajose testified at a Senate Education and Budget joint hearing on accountability for postsecondary education performance which provided a framework for informing state budget and policy to meet public needs. She presented the breakdown of California’s degree attainment gap by race and region and spoke on these issues from a workforce perspective.

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Charles Hatcher discusses persistence and graduation rates for Pell grant recipients at UCs

In an effort to better understand persistence and graduation rates for Pell grant recipients, California Competes has partnered with the University of California’s Office of the President to analyze persistence and completion rates of the 37,461 freshmen who entered the UC system in the fall of 2006.

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Assembly Higher Education Committee hearing on streamlining transfer in public higher education

Streamlining transfer in public higher education

Today Dr. Ajose testified at the Assembly Higher Education Committee’s hearing on streamlining transfer in public higher education. She discussed the need for more coordinated leadership in higher education, and previewed our upcoming analysis of how community college enrollment varies across the state.

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President Obama should use student feedback as part of college rating system

ACCT conference

Speaking at this week’s Association of Community Colleges Trustees conference in Seattle, Bob Shireman suggested that the federal government consider surveying students directly as part of its plan to provide consumers with better information about colleges…

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Bob Shireman speaks at Community College Business Officers' Annual International Conference

CCBO Presentation

Bob Shireman was the keynote speaker at the 2013 Community College Business Officers’ annual conference where he provided examples of how improving higher education takes more than slogans and quick fixes but instead requires digging into the policy details. He discussed our work on college enrollment by zip code across the state, the need for […]

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Bob Shireman speaks at National Journal event on “The New Knowledge Economy”

Bob Shireman was the keynote speaker at National Journal’s event on “The New Knowledge Economy”. Listen to his remarks on the future of higher education and why MOOCs and other online alternatives aren’t a panacea for increasing degree attainment.

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Lande Ajose speaks at California Wellness Foundation health professions conference

Lande Ajose was a plenary speaker at the California Wellness Foundation’s conference on increasing diversity in the health professions. Lande’s remarks focused on the low degree attainment rates for African American and Latino students, specifically within the health education pipeline, and the burgeoning for-profit health degree market. Additionally, Lande pointed out ways to improve California’s […]

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California Competes speaks at ACCCA Annual Conference

Robert Shireman was a keynote speaker at the annual conference of The Association of California Community College Administrators.  He addressed issues relating to “faculty primacy” and spoke to the confusion around Academic Senate “10+1 academic and professional matters.” View the 10+1 myths

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Bob Shireman Discusses California and U.S. Goals for Degree Attainment, 2012-2025

Shireman Fullerton Speech

February 22, 2012 CSU Fullerton held a symposium about the evolving future and rising costs of higher education. At this symposium, Bob Shireman discusses California’s need to reboot our expectations around higher education and argues for certain actionable policies to get our state back on track. See a transcript of his speech And watch the […]

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Bob Shireman pushes for quality at California Student Aid Commission public hearing

Shireman CSAC Testimony

February 23, 2012 The California Student Aid Commission held a public hearing on whether their grants should cover all colleges’ online degree programs. In Shireman’s testimony, he makes the case that the Commission should be concerned about quality at all types of colleges, not just in online programs. See his full tesimony here

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Lande Ajose discusses the “new normal” at a joint legislative hearing on higher education

February 1, 2012 At a time when California needs to make choices about its priorities, Lande points to some of the steps that must be taken to ensure that our institutions of higher education are improving their effectiveness. See her written public comment here See a video of her public comment here

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