New Executive Director at California Competes

Things are busy here at California Competes!  After five years of leading the charge to improve California’s higher education system, Executive Director Bob Shireman is leaving California Competes to become part of the education team at The Century Foundation. (See the announcement here).

“I’m proud of all we’ve been able to accomplish during my time here,” said Shireman. “We shaped the community college growth funding formula, elevated the need for greater statewide coordination of higher education, restored some state oversight of private institutions, and won public access to accreditation reports. I’m leaving behind a great team that will continue to push the state to find ways to improve higher education access and outcomes.”

Current Deputy Director Lande Ajose will be assuming the role of Executive Director.  Former Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster, Chair of the advisory Council notes, “Having been at California Competes since 2011, where she has demonstrated her intellect and competence, she was the obvious and unanimous choice. We’re so pleased that she accepted to the offer to take the helm.”

“I’m really excited to continue to push the state to more closely align the goals of our higher education system with California’s economic needs,” said Ajose.  “California is fortunate to have such rich and diverse economies and such a robust college and university system. The state would be better off if we could figure out how to better help both be in greater service to one another.”

As Dr. Ajose moves into her new role she plans to continue to be the organization’s Sacramento presence.  “In the next few months we’ll be releasing some new reports with data and policy relevance for Sacramento policymakers, so stay tuned.”