Stories of Unfortunate Dysfunction

A well-functioning community college is one of the best ways to help students succeed by providing access to degrees and technical credentials that are crucial in today’s economy. But right now, California’s community colleges are burdened by an only-in-California decision-making structure that thwarts rather than values leadership and collaboration. Here, we’ve launched a series of blog posts about how this broken decision-making structure is undermining higher education in California, and how the problem can be fixed.

  1. Only in California: The Academic Senate Filibuster
  2. The Missing Signature at Modesto Junior College
  3. Faculty Primacy at the Expense of Student Success
  4. At California Community Colleges, 10+1>11
  5. Looking for a Villain
  6. Why Arguments Blow Up Instead of Blow Over

Stay tuned for more blog posts on faculty primacy at California community colleges and other topics.

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