How the academic senate can help save CCSF

Bob Shireman addressed the CCSF faculty to urge them to make it possible to hold trustees fully accountable. His statement shows that the regulations that grant veto power to academic senates:

  • plainly conflict with AB 1725 and other provisions of law;
  • are contrary to accreditor and professional standards;
  • disempower students, staff and the community;
  • disenfranchise and silence many faculty members; and,
  • produce dysfunction and waste, undermining student access to a quality postsecondary education

“I completely understand that your instincts tell you to hold on to the power that you have been granted by the ill-advised regulations. I also understand that trustees do not always exhibit the deference to expertise that good management requires. However, blurring the decision-making roles is not the right answer to that problem. It has not been good for CCSF nor has it been good for other colleges across the state.”

Issues: Local Community College Governance