Our college grad map of California shows college degrees by zip code

With the combination of deep state budget cuts and rising tuition prices, California has a tough road ahead in increasing college attainment toward our goal of an additional 2.3 million degrees by 2025 in order to stay economically competitive. As college attainment numbers continue to climb in other parts of the world, California ranks around the national average, with 35% of the state’s 18+ population holding at least a two-year degree. In order to increase that rate across the country in order to meet President Obama’s goal of 60% degree attainment, California must play a large part in contributing to that effort.

Bay AreaIn this map, we look at college attainment numbers across the state and break down college attainment zip code by zip code. Based on recent census data, the map shows the proportion of the population 18 years old and above with an associate’s degree or higher. Using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) we’ve shaded 1,626 zip code areas shaded from light to dark green corresponding to the percentage of the adult population with a degree, ranging from areas with less than 20% degree attainment to areas with 50% or more.

Additionally, clicking on a particular area brings up a window which gives additional information about a zip code area’s unemployment, poverty, and African American and Latino population, as well as the college attainment percentage and its ranking among the 1,626 zip code areas. Zooming in also brings up a host of cities, streets and highways to help orient the viewer.

Take a look for yourself and see how many people in your area hold a college degree, and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page, or emailing map@californiacompetes.org

College grad map

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