We respond to Chancellor Harris' refusal to address broken decision-making at California Community Colleges

On December 12, 2012, California Competes filed L.C. 1 – a legal challenge with the California Community College (CCC) Board of Governors seeking to repair the broken decision-making process at the 112 local colleges in the system.  The challenge sought to clarify that locally-elected community college trustees are ultimately responsible for the operation of the colleges, and that faculty, students and staff should be consulted rather than deferred to when policies are being considered.  The CCC Chancellor, Brice Harris, had 45 days to issue a response to L.C. 1.

In early February, California Competes received a letter from Chancellor Harris stating that while there are problems at community colleges related to the decision-making structure, he did not plan to address or resolve the issue.

Issues: Local Community College Governance