Bringing California’s Education Data System into the 21st Century

Today California Competes released its new brief, Out of the Dark: Bringing California’s Education Data into the 21st CenturyThe brief outlines a state policy blueprint to achieve more transparency in California’s higher education system.

Despite being a leader in innovation and technology, California is one of only six states in the nation with no statewide student data integration. With our current system, we cannot answer simple questions such as how many California high school graduates enroll in college, or, how many students who start at a two-year college go on to complete a bachelor’s degree?

This segmented approach to data limits the public’s knowledge of how the education system is performing and reduces decisionmakers’ abilities to make evidence-based policy decisions.

Out of the Dark proposes a specific and workable set of solutions that will empower people who care about education to look inside a system that currently operates in little sunlight. Our policy agenda outlines the actions the state can take to create a system that illuminates students’ pathways from high school through college and into the workforce by allowing information to flow across sectors without sacrificing the privacy and security of student data.

With this data, we can begin to build a clear picture of where California’s education system is working well, and where and why success continues to elude millions of Californians who could achieve economic and social mobility through higher education.

Read more here.

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