ICYMI: California Competes in The Hechinger Report

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This week, The Hechinger Report published an op-ed from California Competes Executive Director Lande Ajose, highlighting significant inequities in our state.

OPINION: Latinos find the deck stacked against them in this state

Feeling the brunt of low wages and limited college access

Latinos make up the fastest growing segment of California’s population, but they do not benefit equitably from our state’s educational and workforce opportunities.

The state faces a looming deficit of more than two million individuals with degrees or credentials by 2025. Meanwhile, Latinos, who make up nearly 40 percent of our rich and diverse population, are grappling with relatively low wages and poor education outcomes.

Higher education has always been regarded as both a vaccine against and an antidote to social and economic stagnation — and this is true more than ever as increasing numbers of jobs require college degrees. But Latinos trying to make it to college, complete their degrees and land good-paying jobs face tough odds.

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