Op-Ed Highlights Credit for Prior Learning to Build Equity in Higher Education

by Su Jin Gatlin Jez

Executive Director

Topics: Affordability, Degree Attainment, Employment, Sub-Baccalaureate Degrees

EdSource published this commentary from California Competes Executive Director Dr. Su Jin Gatlin Jez on June 4, 2020. “Let’s recognize learning can happen anywhere — especially now” advocates for more comprehensive and consistent credit for prior learning (CPL) policies at California colleges and universities. CPL aligns with California Competes’ commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable system of higher education by awarding credit to students who have acquired expertise through employee training and military courses.

Right now, California has a unique opportunity to level the playing field when it comes to our public colleges and universities.

For too long, our system of higher education has served a specific population ─ students straight out of high school with their families’ financial support, equipped with skills from college prep courses and a load of Advanced Placement (AP) credits to fast track them toward a degree.

Governor Newsom’s May Budget Revision shows the pandemic’s impact on our postsecondary institutions, but it also expands opportunities and sets goals for low-cost ways less privileged students can get degrees.

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