California Higher Education Policy Institute for Legislative Staff 2023

May 5, 2023
 – 11:00 AM 
– 01:00 PM

California Competes hosted its third annual California Higher Education Policy Institute for Legislative Staff on Friday, May 5, 2023 in Sacramento, CA. This event was designed to educate and engage legislative staff on key higher education issues that are crucial to informing state policymaking.

For copies of the event materials, please click here or the relevant links in the agenda below.


I. Welcome & Lunch

After grabbing lunch and settling in, legislative staff will be welcomed by Dr. Su Jin Jez, who will set the stage for an exciting program that delves into pressing higher education policy issues.

II. California Higher Education Paradox: High Demand in the Midst of Large Enrollment Declines

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated enrollment declines across the state and nation, with underserved students disproportionately withdrawing from the college path. At the same time, there is a high demand for higher education, with over five million Californians, particularly Latinx Californians, seeking to enroll. We explore this paradox and what it means for the state.

III. Leveraging Data to Improve Education and Career Outcomes within Your District

Improving equitable outcomes starts with data. Senior Researcher David Radwin will discuss the role data plays in growing opportunity and social impact. To see what equity gaps exists within their own districts, legislative staff will examine data from California Competes’s updated Postsecondary to Prosperity Dashboard to understand how the lives of their constituents differ dramatically based on their race, ethnicity, gender, income, place of residence, and more.

IV. Modernizing Higher Education to Serve Student Parents and Their Families 

Navigating to and through higher education can be challenging, especially for students who are balancing life responsibilities beyond school. Legislative staff will explore four policy priorities to better support today’s students, many who have dependent children, with Dr. Jez shedding light on both the successes and ongoing challenges.

V. Deep Dive with California Competes

Don’t let the conversation end! Legislative staff will engage in more in-depth discussions with the California Competes team. Whether you want to explore the policy areas covered during the Institute in more detail or discuss other areas of interest, we’re here to listen, learn, and collaborate with you.

Meet our Staff Institute Presenters:

As CEO of California Competes, Dr. Su Jin Gatlin Jez leads the organization’s work to develop nonpartisan and financially pragmatic recommendations for improved higher education and workforce policies and practices across California.

david radwin

As Senior Researcher, David Radwin helps develop the research agenda for California Competes and leads research projects that shape and inform the organization’s policy priorities.

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