California Competes Testifies on Data System Planning and Implementation

California Competes Senior Research Analyst Dr. Valerie Lundy-Wagner testified at the State Capitol on March 7, 2019.

On Thursday, March 7, 2019, California Competes Senior Research Analyst Dr. Valerie Lundy-Wagner told the Senate Budget Subcommittee 1 on Education that policymakers must consider fundamental questions to determine first steps for California's first statewide longitudinal data system. These questions include:

  • What will this education and workforce, or P-Workforce, data system be used for?
  • How will the state look different as a result of getting this system?
  • Which sectors should be involved?
  • Who would be consumers of the data system?

"To gain the trust and buy-in of all participants, the state must store the data in a way that is politically neutral, secure, and assures a balance of power in alignment with state goals."

Dr. Valerie Lundy-Wagner

California Competes was invited to testify along with representatives from the Department of Finance, education and workforce segments, and the Education Insights Center.

A few widely agreed upon considerations emphasize why the state’s current data collection and reporting methods are inadequate.

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