10th Anniversary Interview Series: ASU President Michael Crow

Conversation Highlights Higher Education Innovations to Increase Capacity to Serve More Students

California Competes research found that 5.1 million Californians ages 25 and older intend to enroll in higher education in the next two years. How can the state scale up institutional capacity to meet that demand?

For California Competes 10th anniversary interview series, Executive Director Dr. Su Jin Gatlin Jez sits down with Arizona State University (ASU) President Michael Crow, who has been credited with driving a national conversation on how institutions can serve larger numbers of students, to discuss his perspectives and trailblazing initiatives in higher education.

As evident in ASU’s rapid infrastructure expansion and student diversity, President Crow is recognized for driving change to adapt to the needs of today's students. The interview conversation spans topics such as managing change, employer engagement, and initiatives for scaling capacity in higher education—including one that involves a virtual reality curriculum set in an alien zoo.

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