Postsecondary to Prosperity: Expanding Opportunity Across Los Angeles County

More Los Angeles County Students Are College-Ready, but Fewer Actually Attend Compared with the State as a Whole

With more than 10 million people and the state’s most populous city, Los Angeles County is home to 21 California Community Colleges (CCC), ­ five California State Universities (CSU), and one University of California (UC) undergraduate campus. The Postsecondary to Prosperity Dashboard, a data analytics tool from California Competes, shows how residents’ access—or lack thereof—to these institutions of higher education affects their futures.

The Dashboard breaks down critical insights into economic outcomes and mobility in Los Angeles by race, location, and other demographics, finding that disparities among different groups such as employment rate or likelihood to earn a living wage create inconsistencies in opportunity across the board. Los Angeles residents are also less likely to have health insurance than Californians statewide, further exacerbating opportunities for economic mobility.


  • High school graduation and college-going rates are slightly lower than the state average and differ across racial and ethnic groups. On the other hand, the region’s high school students surpass the state average in the percentage who complete the courses required to attend the CSU and UC.
  • Though 63 percent of high school graduates enroll in college, only 30 percent of Native American and Alaska Native students fall into this category. White and Asian residents, meanwhile, are nearly twice as likely to hold a bachelor’s degree compared to other racial and ethnic groups.
  • Homeownership rates for the region are 16 percent less than the statewide average, and who owns a home varies with race and ethnicity. More than 50 percent of white and Asian residents are homeowners, compared with just 32 percent of Black residents.

To learn more about opportunity across Los Angeles County, explore the California Postsecondary to Prosperity Dashboard.

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