Credential Gap

California’s credential gap means that by 2025, more than 2 million Californians won’t be prepared for new jobs that are created. Filling this gap is critical to meeting workforce needs and creating economic mobility that lifts up communities.

California’s economy is fueled by innovation that creates long-term economic growth and shared prosperity. The state must reduce achievement gaps for Black, Latino, and other underrepresented groups across our higher education system in order to encourage the diversity of experience and perspectives necessary in an innovation economy.

Strategies to fill the gap:

  • Accelerate degree attainment and remove barriers
  • Ensure degrees serve the specific needs of the state’s regional economies
  • A higher education system that serves the state’s racial and ethnic diversity, creating opportunity for all Californians

View our digital Mind the Gap report.


In the chart above, the blue shows the number of degrees the state is projected to produce. The green depicts the number of degrees produced each year, if we increased production by 10% each year. The red shows how many degrees would be added in total by the 10% increases.

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