Better Align Higher Education with Workforce Demands

California leaders must drive inclusive economic recovery and future resiliency by strengthening the state's education-to-employment pipeline. Our higher education system must meet the needs of the California economy far better than it currently does—and students need to know their education will lead them to stable, well-paying jobs. When higher education and workforce are in alignment, better-trained workers get higher-paying jobs, employers get more qualified candidates, and our state builds a strong, inclusive, and sustainable economy fueled by a skilled, diverse workforce.

California Competes’ newest line of research supplies the state and regions, colleges and universities, labor and employers with vital information needed to create a coherent higher education and workforce ecosystem that can effectively serve many needs at once.

Our work provides both immediate and longer-term answers to questions like:

  • How can colleges and universities better respond to local and regional economic and community needs through online education and partnerships with employers, particularly for unemployed adults and low-wage workers?
  • How can the unemployment and underemployment of millions of Californians turn into an opportunity to develop their skills, improve their quality of life, and strengthen our state's economic and social fabric?
  • What postsecondary programs and services are most needed now? And how can higher education quickly ramp-up capacity to deliver these programs and services while maintaining quality?
  • How can the delivery of these programs and services be improved?

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