Ensure Equitable Access to Higher Education and Employment for Every Californian

Despite being the most culturally diverse state in the nation, access to educational opportunity and economic well-being varies widely by demographics in California, particularly by race and ethnicity. To overcome these injustices, rooted in exclusionary policymaking and widespread systemic biases, California must take deliberate steps to rethink and reshape higher education. By building a more inclusive and equitable system, the state can bolster racial equity so every Californian can engage, contribute, and succeed.

California Competes’s rigorous policy research aims to improve access for students who face systemic barriers to quality education and employment. We are committed to examining disaggregated data to shine a light on the stark imbalances that keep prosperity out of reach for too many Californians. Our work is designed to support a robust economy fueled by equitable and racially just postsecondary and workforce outcomes.

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