California Competes 2018 Policy Platform

Experts agree that higher education has unmatched power to advance equity, individual prosperity, and economic growth. But California’s leaders have let higher education policy slide for too long. Some important changes can close the workforce degree gap, create economic mobility, and build a data-driven and responsive platform to deliver the benefits of higher education to all Californians who want to learn, contribute, and succeed.

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Our higher education system must be:

Coordinated: California needs a statewide coordinating entity across higher education institutions to smooth student pathways and support degree completion. California is one of only two states without such coordination.

Accessible: We must develop reentry points for the millions of adults who
have attended some college but have not completed their degree. Innovative
practices can align college programs with workforce demands to connect students with training and hands-on experience for high-paying jobs.

Transparent: A statewide education data system will provide essential
information for sound policymaking. To serve them effectively, we must know
how our students move through all of California’s education systems (P-20) and
where they land in the workforce. It’s time for California to apply tools of the
digital age to make higher education responsive and meaningful.