California Competes 2019 Policy Platform

State leaders have a prime opportunity to modernize the state's system of higher education and build pathways to prosperity for more Californians.

Together, we can deliver the benefits of a college credential to all Californians who want to learn, contribute, and succeed.

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We made the case in 2018. We urge California's leaders to act in 2019.

California Competes recommends strategic, smart, and bold solutions to make our higher education system more accessible, coordinated, and transparent:

  • Expand opportunities for adults to return to college, removing the structural barriers that prevent too many of them from completing their intended college goals.
  • Develop a statewide longitudinal data system spanning education to workforce (P-Workforce) to provide timely, accurate, and transparent data to all stakeholders.
  • Create a new coordinating entity across higher education institutions to establish statewide leadership.

The link between higher education and economic opportunity has never been clearer. A modernized higher education system is the key to preparing our workforce for jobs in the innovation economy and preserving California’s leadership in the global economy.

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