Informed Planning

This brief argues for a Higher Education Investment Board - an independent board that performs the functions of the California Student Aid Commission and is also responsible for developing information to assist policy makers and consumers in making wise choices.

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California needs a mechanism to better understand how we can best meet our goals for more degrees and certificates.

The state should establish a Higher Education Investment Board to carry out high-level planning and analysis, creating a more unified and coordinated system of governance. Investment Board members—who are not linked to any specific institutions—should have a detailed understanding of the:

  • Needs of the economy
  • Challenges faced by communities in different regions of the state
  • Activities and capacity of all higher education providers – public and private

The main focus of the Higher Education Investment Board would be to:

  • Develop information to assist state and local policy makers and California consumers in making cost-effective investments in postsecondary education and training to meet the long-term goal of a strong state economy and vibrant communities.
  • Arrange for the efficient administration of state student financial aid programs (incorporating the responsibilities of the California Student Aid Commission)

To learn more, read The Road Ahead: Higher Education, California’s Promise, and our Future Economy.

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