California Competes Applauds Appointment of New CCC Chancellor


Today the California Community Colleges Board of Governors announced that Kern Community College District Chancellor Sonya Christian will be the system’s new chancellor. Through her leadership to date, Dr. Christian has showcased a commitment to advancing equity and promoting student success, paired with strategic foresight and attention to execution that will be crucial for strengthening our nation’s largest system of higher education. California Competes: Higher Education for a Strong Economy looks forward to collaborating with Dr. Christian in her new role.

Dr. Christian has had a multifaceted career in higher education, including roles as faculty, chair, dean, college president, district chancellor, and chair of the California Community Colleges’ accrediting agency.

“I first had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Christian at work when I led the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative evaluation for the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, as well as the launch of the statewide Guided Pathways evaluation,” said Dr. Su Jin Jez, California Competes Executive Director. “Dr. Christian’s leadership at Bakersfield College, then her dedication to advancing workforce development initiatives at Kern Community College District, and her acumen in driving Guided Pathways locally, statewide, and nationally demonstrated her expertise leading change in higher education’s complex multiple stakeholder environment.

“Given the CCC’s focus on implementing the Vision for Success, the roadmap with the Governor’s Office, and the many initiatives that have passed in recent years, it is not surprising that the Board of Governors selected a leader who they are confident will focus on excellence in implementation in a system that has been tasked with many new reforms and initiatives over the past decade,” continued Dr. Jez.

“The California Community Colleges are foundational to the strength of our state’s economy and to the economic mobility of our state’s residents. With the appointment of a new chancellor, the California Community Colleges has opened a new window to address the significant and persistent equity gaps that have hindered the potential of our state,” said Dr. Jez. “California Competes looks forward to continued partnership with the chancellor’s office to enhance California’s economy through a stronger higher education and workforce development system, providing all Californians with opportunities to learn, contribute, and thrive.”

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