Kris Wade

Kris supports California Competes in their daily operations, primarily event planning, financial support, scheduling, human resources, and more. Her background in project management began at Charles Schwab and was fine-tuned at various startups. Kris’s passion is creating something from the ground up, starting with the initial research, sizing and planning, then completion.

What motivates you to advance California Competes' mission?

I see how crucial it is to connect the dots across higher education, policy, workforce, and the state economy. Identifying the interrelationships, dependencies, and opportunities to move forward together is so important. As a California native who attended one of California’s public universities and who is now raising college students of my own, I've seen how the higher education system in California has changed. I am excited to be a part of the work that California Competes does for students across the state and for the health of California's future economy.