Carol Liu

Former state senator (D)
carol liu

From 2008 until 2016, Carol Liu served as the State Senator from the 25th District, which connects the Los Angeles County foothills on the west to San Bernardino County on the east. Prior to that, Carol Liu was twice elected to serve in the Assembly. She is recognized nationally for her leadership and expertise in education policy. In the Assembly she served as a member of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education and as a member of the National Commission on Accountability in Higher Education. As a Senator she has served on the Legislative Advisory Committee of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. Ms. Liu chaired several committees and caucuses during her tenure, including the Assembly Higher Education Committee, the Assembly Select Committee on Adult Education, and the Senate Education Committee. Among her most important legislative legacies was SB 1143, which created the task force that led to the California Community College Student Success Act. Ms. Liu is a strong proponent of increasing access to higher education as well as to career and technical education.

Recent work:

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