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Communications Director
carolyn ho

As the Communications Director, Carolyn Ho leads the development and implementation of California Competes’s communications initiatives. She puts her talents to use creating powerful messages and content to drive action and change.

Before joining California Competes, Carolyn was the Director of Communications for the Integrated Benefits Institute, a research nonprofit focused on health and productivity. There she shaped strategies to encourage business leaders to invest in the health of their workforce and amplify the Institute’s thought leadership, research, and brand. Prior to that, she served as a Senior Associate at John Burton Advocates for Youth which placed her at the forefront of state policy advocacy and reform. During her time there, she created various call-to-action collateral and communication pieces to advocate for the foster youth in California. Her efforts focused on deploying tailored engagement strategies to advance local and state policies that would improve youths’ access to education, housing, and healthcare.

She holds BS degrees in Psychology and Community Health from the University of Maryland, College Park.


What motivates you to advance California Competes’s mission?

“I am passionate about supporting the well-being of those in my community, and education plays a huge role in that. Working at California Competes allows me to be at the intersection of equity and education, breaking down systematic barriers and moving the needle towards a society where everyone can pursue their educational goals and reach their full potential.”

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