Shay Shields

Administrative Assistant
shay shields

As the Administrative Assistant, Shay provides administrative support for California Competes leadership. She also plays a key role in coordinating efforts relating to operations, communications, fundraising, and finance management.

Prior to joining California Competes, Shay served as Administrative Assistant to the leadership at RDP Consulting, a company that offers culturally competent, equity driven, and asset-based research, evaluation, and coaching to nonprofit and philanthropic leaders. She also served as a Enrichment Coordinator for Jewish Community Center of the East Bay, where she worked with outsourced organizations to provide classes and activities for students in corresponding after-school programs. There, she shared a common goal with leadership, staff and community partners— the importance of learning new skills and keeping students engaged even after the bell rings for the school day. She also worked as an Office Manager for Gateway to College, a program that allows high school students, who had previously left school due to economical and other grievances, earn college credits concurrently while obtaining their high school diploma. She supported the program in providing supplies, transportation, and college preparedness training.

She holds a BA in Social Work from San Francisco State University.


What motivates you to advance California Competes’s mission?

I am extremely passionate about equal opportunities to access education for students from all backgrounds and demographics. I am an advocate for students who experience many barriers in obtaining such a privilege and the importance of effecting change to eliminate obstacles regarding race and economical status when trying to reach such goals. Being a part of the California Competes team allows me to be innovative, creative, and at the center of making a difference in policy change and providing everyone with a fair chance at success.

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