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Higher Education and Jobs are Top Priorities for California’s Next Governor

As Democrat Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox close out the final weeks of their campaigns for California governor, the Los Angeles Times’ Melanie Mason takes a close look at key issues the next governor will need to address, including our future workforce.

In the comprehensive four-part series, “The Next California,” Ms. Mason takes on areas that will drive California’s future, from the economy to natural disasters. In her story on jobs, Ms. Mason interviews California Competes Executive Director Dr. Lande Ajose about higher education's role in addressing future workforce challenges, especially given a new wave of automation and technology that will transform the nature of work in California. In many cases, it already has.

California needs to invest in programs and systems that promote both certificates and degrees. If not, we risk stratifying the workforce. The people with wealth or privilege will continue to get four-year degrees, and everyone else will end up with some kind of degree that is less than that.

Dr. Lande Ajose

Regardless of election results this November, higher education is top of mind for California voters and will be a top ticket item for the next governor to make improvements to ensure equity, access, and quality.

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