Work in Progress

Learn more about the initiatives, research, and events in the works at California Competes.

Current Projects
California Competes is exploring the possibility of launching a cross-sector career readiness pilot program that galvanizes and connects colleges and local government in the Bay Area.
We are working with Western Governors University as they launch a pilot program in the Fresno region to address community workforce needs in health, technology, education, and business.
Four organizations join efforts through the CaliforniaAttain! collaborative to conduct research, identify evidence-based practices, and advance reforms that re-engage adult learners back into college and onto completion.
California Competes will investigate where are the main areas of discord over online education, understand why it exists, and provide guidance on how to lead through changes, combat resistance, and strengthen the state’s movement towards an equitable and agile system of learning.
California Competes is conducting research and advocacy to drive California to streamline the myriad of financial assistance programs so students can access the supports they are entitled to and manage the costs of attending college.
The regional pilot in Los Angeles County's Second District will build capacity and alignment between higher ed and county government programs to advance career readiness.
Upcoming Events

Shaping the Future of Online Education in California

Today, students, especially those with limited access to higher education, have expressed a strong demand for online courses. The stats are clear: 3.9 million Californians...
Online Education in California Webinar