Podcast Episode Details the Connection between Higher Education and California’s Economy

by California Competes

Topics: Community Colleges, Degree Attainment, Public Agenda, Race and Ethnicity

California’s degree and credential gap means that by 2025, California will be more than 2 million short the number of college degrees and credentials needed to meet workforce demands. Filling this gap is critical to fueling the economy and creating economic opportunities for our state's most underserved populations and communities.

California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Oakley Ortiz sat down with California Competes Executive Director Dr. Lande Ajose to discuss what is at stake for California’s economic future and why higher education policies and interventions to get students across the finish line need to be front and center for our state's next leaders.

Higher education in California is not keeping up with the number of degrees or the range and type of degrees we need for students to contribute to the state’s economic growth.

Dr. Lande Ajose, Executive Director, California Competes

From the imbalance of opportunity by race and gender to the need for a comprehensive, integrated data system to get students across the finish line, Chancellor Oakley and Dr. Ajose touch on the most pressing challenges for higher education today. They also discuss specific recommendations that would create pathways for student success while fueling economic growth.

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