Demystifying the Cal Grant Program and Plans for Reform


Explore our primer, presented at our 2024 California Higher Education Policy Institute for Legislative Staff, for an overview of the existing Cal Grant structure, highlighting its complexities and the barriers it creates for students seeking financial aid. It also outlines the reforms proposed to streamline and enhance the program, making it more accessible and effective for today’s diverse student body.

Key Highlights:

  • Examination of the three main types of Cal Grants and their limitations in addressing the full cost of college attendance, including non-tuition expenses.
  • Proposed changes under the Cal Grant Reform, including simplified eligibility criteria and expanded aid to cover total costs of attendance.
  • Potential impact of these reforms on student demographics, including expanded access for first-generation students, adult learners, and student parents.

Read the primer today to learn about the challenges and proposed advancements within the Cal Grant program.

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