New Website from The California Alliance for Student Parent Success


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Last year, California Competes: Higher Education for a Strong Economy and EdTrust-West joined forces to launch The California Alliance for Student Parent Success. Today, we unveil our new website,, a single stop for our endeavors to support student parent success in California. This site serves as an information hub for resources, advocacy efforts, and engagement opportunities, all aimed at fostering systemic change and empowering student parents along their educational journey. 

Explore our website to find: 

  • Our Policy Agenda: Discover the key changes needed to shape a brighter future for student parents and their families statewide.
  • The GAINS for Student Parents Act: Read our statement on the Greater Accessibility, Information, Notice, and Support (GAINS) for Student Parents Act (Assembly Bill 2458),  our first co-sponsored bill that focuses on improving data collection and college affordability for student parents.
  • The Team Behind The Alliance: Get to know the dedicated individuals driving our mission forward, including The Alliance leads, and its advisory committee, which includes student parents.
  • Ways to Get Involved: Stay in the loop with upcoming events, speaking engagements, and updates designed to advance student parent success.

In addition, keep an eye on our website for:

  • New Research Publications: We will soon share insightful research to guide policymakers and institutions toward effective policies.
  • Advocacy Opportunities: Discover actionable steps to ensure the GAINS for Student Parents Act and other critical proposals move forward in the legislative process.
  • Technical Assistance Program Launch: Stay tuned for a Request for Proposals focused on strengthening institutional practices at California Community Colleges to create a more inclusive environment for student parents and single mothers.
  • A User-Friendly Tool for Student Parents to Find the Right Campus: We’re developing a family-serving tool for the website offering comprehensive insights into available supports across California’s colleges. 

Centralizing these initiatives and information on our website allows us to align efforts to serve student parents better and create a more inclusive educational landscape. 

Ready to join us? 

Explore our website today and register for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, April 10 at 1:30 p.m. Pacific. We’ll delve into the mission, policy agenda, and people driving our work and actionable steps to support our first co-sponsored bill as the Alliance (AB 2458-Berman). Help uplift this webinar and the website launch using this social media toolkit here.

Thank you for your continued support. Questions or eager to collaborate? Reach out anytime–we’re here to empower and mobilize collective action toward the success of every student parent. 

In partnership,  

Su Jin Jez, PhD, CEO, California Competes:           Christopher J. Nellum, PhD, Executive
Higher Education for a Strong Economy               Director, EdTrust-West

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