Daniela Estrada

Student Researcher
Daniela Estrada

Daniela Estrada is a Student Researcher, providing her expertise in the creation of an user-friendly public benefits resource designed to make holistic student support more accessible.

Daniela is currently pursuing her master’s degree in public policy at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. She also holds a BA in Political Science from UC Irvine. Prior to joining California Competes, Daniela served as a Policy Analyst for various state and local agencies including the Legislative Analyst’s Office, the California Department of Social Services, and the Sutter County Superior Court.


What motivates you to advance California Competes’s mission?

As a child of low-income, immigrant parents, I understand the power of higher education first-hand.  I learned from my father, who never had the opportunity to go to school, that education provides a path for economic mobility. I was the first person in my family to pursue an undergraduate and master’s degree, and education has profoundly impacted my life. Unfortunately, all Californians do not have the same opportunity to pursue higher education. At California Compete, we aim to help change that.


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