The Degree Gap

Millions of good jobs are being created without qualified employees to fill them.

The Degree Gap: Projected, Needed, & Cumulative

In the chart above, the blue shows the number of degrees the state is projected to produce. The green depicts the number of degrees produced each year, if we increased production by 10% each year. The red shows how many degrees would be added in total by the 10% increases.

The Degree Gap

To thrive in the modern economy, California must match degree programs with employment opportunities. By 2025, we’ll need 11.9 million educated workers, yet we’re on track to produce fewer than 10 million. California colleges and universities must find a way to close the state’s looming degree and credential gap of more than 2 million. Eliminating this gap will bring shared prosperity and long-term growth for California. The state must reduce achievement gaps for Blacks, Latinos, and other underrepresented groups across our higher education system.

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Our Policy Priorities

California Competes is committed to advancing policies and practices that can accelerate and promote degree attainment. A natural first step in accelerating degree attainment is promoting statewide attainment goals. By pursuing other immediate strategies, we will move California toward becoming a top 10 state in terms of degree attainment and close the state’s degree gap of more than 2 million.

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