Reimagining Online Education in California: A Roadmap for Advancing Access and Quality


Despite growing demand among students and support from education leaders and policymakers, concerns around online education persist, impeding California from fully harnessing this modality’s potential for student success. This new report identifies five main areas of concern, why they exist, and provides guidance to public postsecondary stakeholders on how to address the concerns and advance the state’s movement toward a more equitable and agile system of learning.

key findings
  1. Students, especially those with limited access to higher education, seek online courses. Close to four million Californians plan to enroll in college within the next two years and want their courses online.
  2. While higher education leaders and policymakers support online education expansion, concerns about this modality, particularly around quality, data, organizational structures, finance, and culture and value, have hindered progress.
  3. By understanding why opposition exists and ways to address them, California can harness the full capabilities of online education for improved access, equity, and student success.
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